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Prompt and Professional Service

It's just five easy steps!

If you’re going to do it, you want to get it right. So do we. And we know how.

Meet with our flexible and experienced staff. Together we will find the plan that fits your preferences and your schedule.

Just follow our simple Five Step Plan.

Lawn Services

Mowing: Turf will be completely and evenly mowed at a height most suitable for the grass type and the site's specific needs.

Edging: Concrete borders such as walkways, curbs and driveways, will be edged at each mowing during the growing season.

Weeding: Shrub beds, natural areas with mulch, and ground cover areas will be weeded on each visit during the year.

Shrub Care: Each species has very specific pruning needs based on flower production and the growing season.

Trash Removal: All plant-pruning materials will be removed from the site. We shred/chip the material at our headquarters and compost for mulch.

Cleanup: All concrete surfaces, patios, decks and parking areas will be blown clean of debris after the landscape maintenance.

Pest Management: We scout for plant pests and treat as needed.


Our Simple Five Step Plan

Step 1: Call us at 410-266-8586 anytime between 9 am and 5 pm, and set up a meeting at the point of service (your home or business).

Step 2: Get your free consultation at the on-site meeting. We will discuss your ideas with you. Together we will come up with a development plan that fits your taste and needs—design, building, planting, and/or maintenance.

Step 3: You choose a payment plan with easy-to-understand billing.

Step 4: Our crew shows up at the designated time. They:

  • Prepare the soil the right way
  • Use the right materials for the job
  • Clean up after they’re done

Step 5: You enjoy the results!

How simple was that?

Call us at 410-266-8586 and find out just how we can make this dream come true for you.


All steps were taken to ensure our total satisfaction. The men worked very hard in trying conditions." - B. Hank