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Caring For The Earth One Green Yard At A Time

Why Some Lawns Benefit the Environment While Others Harm The Earth

We use environmentally responsible methods for soil preparation, planting and maintenance. Here are three examples:

Effective Seeding & Planting - Aerating the soil and “slicing” grass seed into the ground may take a little more time than the popular method of scattering the seed and drenching it in fertilizer, but it is more effective, less wasteful and gets the seed where it needs to be. Putting the right plant in the right soil with the right care makes all the difference.

cute little frogThe Right Fertilizer - We utilize a slow-release fertilizer - the best the market has to offer - thereby minimizing burn and giving plants the best chance to thrive. Fertilizer should be applied at the right time of year and in the right quantity, or it can end up being washed directly to the nearest storm drain. Not only does that not help your plants, but it can cause serious harm to the Bay and surrounding ecosystem.

Ladybug climbing blade of grass

Recycle Through Composting - We can set up your backyard compost pile or bin. Backyard composting reduces waste and produces valuable organic matter for the soil at the same time. Non-woody yard wastes are added to the pile and should be turned periodically.

Natural sources (worms, insects, micro-organisms) will slowly break down the grass clippings and prunings into useful mulch. Don’t add weeds, or you will be adding those seeds to your garden next year!

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