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Lawncare and Maintenance Plans That Make Life Easier!

We aim to make it easy for you to enjoy your lawn without doing the heavy lifting. We have put together a few straight-forward plans that cover the basics... and then some.

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You can do yard work all summer or click just once.

Composting: Instead of disposing of leaves and grass clippings, let us help you turn them into a compost heap to use to improve your lawn and garden. Composting is one of nature's best mulches.


Our Basic Lawn Service Plan

Mowing: Turf will be completely and evenly mowed at a height most suitable for the grass type and the site's specific needs.

Edging: Concrete borders such as walkways, curbs and driveways, will be edged at each mowing during the growing season.

Weeding: Shrub beds, natural areas with mulch, and ground cover areas will be weeded on each visit during the year.

Shrub Care: Each species has very specific pruning needs based on flower production and the growing season.

Trash Removal: All plant-pruning materials will be removed from the site. We shred/chip the material at our headquarters and compost for mulch.

Cleanup: All concrete surfaces, patios, decks and parking areas will be blown clean of debris after the landscape maintenance.

Pest Management: We scout for plant pests and treat as needed.

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Custom Lawncare Plans

Meet with our flexible and experienced staff — we’ll find the plan that fits your preferences and your schedule.

  • Design your own!
  • Do you want to plant the bulbs, but would rather not spray for bugs?
  • You enjoy pruning, but can’t stand raking and bagging all those dead leaves every fall?

Pick the parts you like -- and leave the rest to us!

Optional Services
that make any lawn look great!

  • Seasonal Maintenance
  • Fertilization programs
  • Weed Treatment
  • Seeding and Aeration
  • Turf-building